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Introducing An Ace architect in Rajkot – Shayona Consultant

Shayona Consultant is the best architect in Rajkot with a huge client base. Our design management and integration of world-class features into every project make us the top-most architect in Rajkot. Contact us to get perfectly designed buildings!

Why we are the best interior designer in Rajkot

We have surpassed the top-most interior designer in Rajkot with the handwork & dedication. We have huge experience and knowledge and our skilled and creative team bring out an excellent solution to all your needs. We have handled numerous architecture and interior design projects. We include the work like conservation, redesigning, an extension for residential, commercial, clinic, office, and hospital buildings.

Interior Designer & Interior Decorator

There is a difference between the interior designer and interior decorator. Sometimes people use it synonymously but each has its own job role. As per the best interior designer in Rajkot, Prasant Parmar – Interior designers study the needs of people for creating an interior that meets your expectations.

On the other end, interior decorator furnishes interior spaces with furniture to create an aesthetic look. An interior designer should have a license to practice, but an interior decorator doesn’t require it.

In short, interior designers can decorate, but interior decorators don’t hold a permit to design!
  • Interior Designer
    An interior designer manages the interior living or workplace to complete the people’s needs. A designer solves the toughest structural arrangements to create the places that enhance the quality of a residence. Interior designers should stick to code and regulatory requirements, and encourage environmental sustainability. An expert interior designer researches, and plans interior layouts to give it an aesthetic appeal. With the advanced computer programs, interior designers can create virtual living areas before the construction.
  • Interior Decorator
    Interior decorators don’t work for the inside spaces; they adorn the inside spaces that are already created. The meaning of decoration is the furnishing of space with beautiful things. Interior decorators mostly paint walls, install window treatments; including accessories like lamps, throw pillows, and lamps. Interior decorators don’t take out dividers or change the interior fundamentally. Instead, they regularly utilize their abilities to enhance a living space after an interior designer has completed their work of structural changes.
  • A Bit More About Shayona Consultant
    Shayona Consultant has around 19 years of experience in the field of architecture and interior. Prasant Parmar has established the company in 2000 for architectural and interior practices. During the tenure of time, we have completed uncountable projects with complete satisfaction. We focus primarily on architecture and interior for residential and commercial buildings. Moreover, we delightedly participate in creating the campuses for BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha.

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