know how to choose the right architects for your project.

Architecture is the base of house building, hiring the reputed architecture solves half of the construction stress because the qualified architects guide through every stage of the construction. Hiring reputed architects and designers help to understand the building process and allows making a better choice. Many people have the mindset that hiring a contractor and designer is sufficient for the house building job but there are so many other skills that are required for a successful house building. Make sure you hire the best Interior Designer In Ahmedabad for your expensive construction project.

There are mainly six types of architects that specialize in various categories of house projects.

Residential architects.

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Residential architects are the experts that design homes by collaborating with the homeowners to discuss the custom designs and home improvement ideas. Residential architects help in improving house functionality such as designing, elevation, and other planning. They also help in cost estimation and other processes to complete the project on time.

Commercial architects.

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Commercial architects focus on the larger project and handle the long government building projects such as public libraries, museums, schools, and many more.  Their aim is to design the best project by considering the mass public and comfort.

Restoration architects.


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As the name itself suggests restoration hence the job of the restoration architect is to maintain, repair and work on the restoration and improvement of the property.  Restoration architects have the knowledge of relative planning and improving methods of various sectors. They help in fixing and repairing all kinds of structural issues of the property.

Landscape architects.

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Landscape architects are totally different from residential, commercial, and restoration architects because their job is to improve the outdoor space. They work for an outdoor campus like a school garden, college garden, outdoor cafeteria, and many more.

Interior design architects.

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Interior design architects work for interior decoration such as office, house, restaurant, and many more. They specialize in enhancing the interior space with innovative ideas and recommendations. Their job is to enhance the space appearance by providing the attractive look and eye-catching functionalities.

Green design architects.

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Green design architects focus on the environment –friendly construction. This includes using eco-friendly things in the construction project such as solar panels and other energy efficient methods to reduce energy consumption without damaging the environment. Green design experts have detailed knowledge in house making and can suggest the best energy-efficient home improvement ideas.

Final thoughts:

There is so much into the architecture industry; it’s not only about design and planning. It includes artistic sense, design, and appropriate skills. Hope you found the above information useful and helped you in choosing the best architecture for your project.  Before hiring an architect, be clear about what type of architect do you need. At shayona consultants, we are highly experienced Architect In Ahmedabad with international experience of over 19 years in the field of architecture.

Feel free to share your views on architects and tips you prefer when hiring an expert architect for your construction project.

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